About Us

Scholarship World International is an initiative of Scholarship Aid Initiative, a Non-Governmental Organisation registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission under Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The objective of this organisation is to award scholarship for students towards their Tertiary Education. This programme has started since 2007. The organization has collaborated with some tertiary Institutions in Nigeria and abroad.

Free University Scholarship -Our Events

This Scholarship Award Programme is an annual programme where students are selected based on merit after undergoing series of examinations and interview

The FREE on-line application opens for interested candidates between February and May every year. All candidates shall then be invited for the qualifying examination. All other processes follow based on candidates’ performances. IT IS ALL FREE

Our Partners

The organization also partner with the following organizations: International Youth Reformation Organization(www.iyorefng.org) and Intellectual Harvarde Educational Services Ltd. (The Founder of Proposed Intellectual Harvarde University)