Attention: You are all required to download your Examination Number and check all over again as some changes has been made. This is very Important for all those that have checked their Examination Number before 02-06-2020 6:40pm.

The following include the instruction guide and Examination Number for the 2020 Scholarship Aid Initiative Online Examination.

  1. Online Examination Instruction Guide
  2. Online Examination Timetable
  3. Lagos State Examination Number
  4. Ogun State Examination Number
  5. Oyo State Examination Number
  6. Ondo State Examination Number
  7. Osun State Examination Number
  8. Ekiti State Examination Number

Examination Instructions/Warning

All applicants must follow the following instructions in order to avoid automatic disqualification:
1. All your activities during the examination are being monitored
2. Do not try to login when you do not have exam so as not to disturb others writing their exam.
3. Do not try to open new Tabs or external links; all your clicks on the software will be recorded and this might lead to automatic disqualification.
4. The software will submit a report of your activity with the exam upon completion of the exam
5. The activities are measured in scale; Cheating and Non Cheating Scale
6. Result for any exam within the cheating Scale will be cancelled
7. Each Examination is for 50 minutes; make sure you submit your examination within the time limits. If not the system will submit automatically once you have reached the limit.

Kindly take note of the above instructions

231 Feedbacks on “2020 ONLINE EXAMINATION GUIDE”

    1. It is the same as your Examination Number. Just Download your state Examination Number and locate your Name

  1. I really appreciate all the team of this initiative, really doing well God bless you.

  2. Please how can I get my time table and examination number…I have downloaded the file buh showing can’t open file… please help me out

  3. Thank you so much, I’m really grateful
    I’ve seen my name, my examination number and the timetable
    God bless you!

  4. Jimoh Torikat Tomiwa
    Thanks for the initiative. How do I know my exams number and timetable.
    Best Regards

  5. I really appreciate this platform so much may God bless the founder and the co. workers… pls if we pass the online exam, pls what they do for us i mean the next time…

  6. Thanks to the organizers of this great development
    but I want to ask a question
    how do one the username to be used as code to access the examination portal

  7. Thanks for the opportunity given to us, we really appreciate it, am so happy to see my name among the lists, but please how can i get the link before the examination and the link to their telegram group

    1. You can use this name for there Facebook page Scholarship Aid Initiative but I don’t the telegram own

  8. thank you have seen mine but the timetable was not there
    amd we really appreciate it thank you so much

  9. Dear sir,though we attended the seminar and registered our names are missing on the Lagos and other States list the names are 1.ADEBAMBO HANNAH AYOMIDE 2.ADEBAMBO WILLIAMS ADENUGA Pls what can we do.?

  10. I really appreciate you people alot may God continue to bless you.
    Pls I need someone who will show me how I can join the telegram group pls share me the link 🔗.

  11. Thank you very much I have seen my name may God continue to bless the founder of this platform

        1. pls I apply for this scholarship in Ogun state but I found my name in Lagos ..pls what do I do?

      1. Please I’ve downloaded it already…but showing can’t open file…how am I going to see my time table and my examination number

  12. please non of the intruction guied is opening, pls tell us on how to open it and operate it..

  13. Am really grateful, i have seen my name together with my examination number and examination timetable.
    Am really happy for this wonderful opportunity you have given to us.

  14. Please, the Lagos state examination number has an error from number 2831—2856 please help re-upload!

  15. God Bless the founder behind this
    It will be a great opportunity for we that really intend to study but our parents does not have the capacity
    More grease to your elbow

        1. good evening please how can I check my examination number and my time table with my batch, maybe it is batch C, A, B, OR C

  16. I really appreciate the academic opportunity that the UOpeople brought to the less priviledged students

  17. Please I have some candidates that wasn’t informed about the application, is there still hope for them to apply this year?

  18. Please when will d exam start start I mean d date is not their for each state and how re will goin to do d exam online cause of data

      1. Please how do I know wether am writing in Lagos or ogun state,,, cause am not really getting it

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