Attention: You are all required to download your Examination Number and check all over again as some changes has been made. This is very Important for all those that have checked their Examination Number before 02-06-2020 6:40pm.

The following include the instruction guide and Examination Number for the 2020 Scholarship Aid Initiative Online Examination.

  1. Online Examination Instruction Guide
  2. Online Examination Timetable
  3. Lagos State Examination Number
  4. Ogun State Examination Number
  5. Oyo State Examination Number
  6. Ondo State Examination Number
  7. Osun State Examination Number
  8. Ekiti State Examination Number

Examination Instructions/Warning

All applicants must follow the following instructions in order to avoid automatic disqualification:
1. All your activities during the examination are being monitored
2. Do not try to login when you do not have exam so as not to disturb others writing their exam.
3. Do not try to open new Tabs or external links; all your clicks on the software will be recorded and this might lead to automatic disqualification.
4. The software will submit a report of your activity with the exam upon completion of the exam
5. The activities are measured in scale; Cheating and Non Cheating Scale
6. Result for any exam within the cheating Scale will be cancelled
7. Each Examination is for 50 minutes; make sure you submit your examination within the time limits. If not the system will submit automatically once you have reached the limit.

Kindly take note of the above instructions

231 Feedbacks on “2020 ONLINE EXAMINATION GUIDE”

  1. have downloaded the sheet of my examination number but i couldn’t find where to view my exam date on this page as you commented above

  2. If i want to see the examination sheets or to start the examination which website will I go to

  3. pls help me out how can I check my examination number and my time table with my batch

  4. have downloaded the sheet of my examination number but i couldn’t find where to view my exam date on this page as you commented above

  5. Pls will other batches for Lagos state be uploaded, cus I can’t find my exam number on the exam timetable

  6. Please is the registeration still going on.I want to help my simblings register before it closes.Thanks.

  7. Oh well I think I’ve seen my name there but instead of Akinleye,they wrote Akinloye

      1. There’s is a mistake in writing my name,my name is OKENIYI MOYOSORE NOFISAT not OKENIJI

      1. Please I don’t understand what they meant by state code as username in the exam instruction guide

      2. Pls have checked my state I can’t find my name and examination number pls help me ooo

        1. I download my state even other states I couldn’t find my name on the list and I have my registration form with me please add my name on the list.Am from Lagos state.

      1. I didn’t see my name there… In the list what will I do… That’s lagos list for names

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